A not-for-profit foundation that helps support superheroes right here in our own communities

The Kindness Gala Foundation (501c3) is an organization that hosts the Kindness Gala ~ The Pink Party every year which celebrates local non-profit organizations (NPOs) whose mission it is to give back to the people in our own communities. It’s an event that celebrates human kindness, compassion, generosity.

We are community members and Kindness Ambassadors who are providing a platform for local NPOs to gain awareness and more funding from the communities they work within. Please know that ALL of the ticket sale profits from this event go directly to the Non-Profit groups who are our Honored Guests in attendance. It is our hope and our vision that the Kindness Gala will continue every year, highlighting and supporting different NPOs each year, providing them with the same support.

The Kindness Gala is ONLY successful because of those who support it. You are superheroes in your own right, and we thank you.

Come help make this year’s event a HUGE success!

Grab your cape and let’s go make the world a better place!